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Health education has pivotal bearing in attaining at least three of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) namely; reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.Promoting health education is imperative also in realizing the national objectives perceived by the health strategic plan of Nepal. It is in this perspective that the private sector has come forward to contribute in the promotion of health education, and Asian College for Advance Studies (ACAS) has made pioneering efforts towards this.

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The College takes local initiatives with global vision to develop human resources that make effective contribution in realizing national policies and plans in cooperation and coordination with international communities.


ACAS as a centre of excellence produces high quality professionals that lead formulation of policies, programs/projects and their successful implementation at all levels in Nepal and global sector.


The general objective of ACAS is to strive for the highest scientific and ethical standards in health science embracing multi dimensions of modern technologies in health sector.

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Shreejeet Shrestha

Campus Chief


  Since 2005 Asian college for Advance Studies has been respected nationally and internationally for the high quality of its teaching and research but never more  so than today. We are proud that our first objective is to ensure a student experience that is second to none. All the available indicators of teaching, student satisfaction and research place ACAS is the higest echelon of Purbanchal University affiliated colleges and one where both teaching and research are valued equally. The achivements of our graduates confirmed our reputation as one of the leading college of University and CTEVT for the student experience. Indeed, in a number of subjects we were in the top. We are equally highly regarded for our excellence in research. At Asian you will be joining a vibrant and stimulating scholarly community where teaching is informed by staff who are engaged in world leading research. Asian is equally committed to providing you with the very best in support service and facilities. As well as giving student a wonderful educational experience, the record show that after leaving Asian, our graduates are highly sought after by employers and can earn some of the best starting salaries. In the past few years we were one of the first college in Nepal to redesing our curriculum in partnership with students and employers to ensure that Asian graduates are equipped to face the challenges of the 21ST century. Choosing a college is a very important decision. When I made the decision to join Asian as Campus chief I did so because I was inspired by the story of a ACAS that for over a decade had made an impact on the world and which had enabled people to fulfil their academic potential. There is an atmosphere here where a shared sense of pride in the ACAS past achievements sits at one with an ambition to make the next chapter in its history an even moresucessful one. That makes ACAS an exciting and very special college to be part of.       ”

Bikash Maharjan