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This Course is a three year vocational program conducted by CTEVT with specialization in Pharmacy. The program facilitates teaches students with skill and knowledge to assist pharmacists in preparing and dispensing medications. Pharmacist assistants are most accessible members of health care team for the public and authorities on drugs and their use. They impart scientific knowledge related to identification, formulation, preparation, standardization, quality control and use of drugs as well as medicines and effective management of their distribution and


Laboratory medicine has evolved and practiced over the centuries as an integral part of medical and gained momentum parallel to other branches of modern medicine. Laboratory medicine play a decisive role in the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and monitoring of both communicable and non communicable disease.

Therefore reliable and reproducible laboratory services cost effective manner will go a long way in providing quality health services to the nation. Laboratory medicine as a tool for diagnosis been practiced since


Nursing is combination of art and science; it is a direct service, goal oriented and applicable to the needs of the individual, family and community health. Increasing demands on health care services and changes in health care delivery makes the role of nurse more responsible and challenging. Hence, mentoring in nursing is very essential and we are for it.As per the recent statistics , there is a growing demand of nurses globally as well as in Nepal. So,


The Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) course of Purbancal University at ACAS provides the knowledge and skills necessary to address diverse national and international public health issues. The course covers promoting health and prevention of diseases, the provision and evaluation of treatement and care and the investigation and control of environmental threats to health. ACAS follows the multidisciplinary and innovative approaches of learning to tackle emerging and re-emerging national and global public health problems,
Public Health Department


Technological advancement and changing health needs of the people, has made nursing profession challenging and more demanding.
Nursing plays a vital role to provide quality core to upgrade the health status of individual to fulfill the technological health challenge of countries.

ACAS has been producing competitive nursing graduates when secure advances knowledge of practical skill necessary to deliver high quality nursing care as well as developing leadership capabilities in the field of management of nursing service.


ACAS has a distinguished history as the first College to award graduate degree in pharmacy under affiliation of Purbanchal University. With Innovative teaching practices, state-of-the-art teaching facilities and specialist teacher practitioners we produce pharmacists equipped with theoretical learning and practical skills to work in various fields including pharmaceutical Manufacturing, drug development, researches, clinical practice and healthcare services, as well as with high ethical standards, well-rounded character international perspective, and broad knowledge.