Upgrading and Expansion:

Efforts are being made to start new academic and vocational training programs in affiliation with CTEVT and Purbanchal University (PU). The College has taken initiatives to offer other PCL programs and even master level education in pharmacy and public health in recent future.

Proficiency certificate level of Nursing ( PCL Nursing)
Master in Pharmacy (M. Pharm)
Master in public Health (MPH)
ACAS is poised to continue this process of expansion and upgrading both in terms of its physical facilities and the subject areas of teaching, training and research.

Further research program:
Initiatives are being taken to mobilize the academic strength of ACAS in research and project works related to socio-economic development and health services. This initiative is expected to provide opportunity for academic staff to be constantly in touch with ground realities, thus enhancing the relevance of teaching at ACAS to the ultimate target group.

ACAS assists native as well as foreign students and researchers in:

Finding qualified supervisor
Defining population and sample
Field work design, information collection and data generation
Data analysis and report writing
ACAS is planning to expand its institutional networking with other academic and research institutions of abroad. Joint programs could be implemented with interested academic and research institutions of global world with proper understanding.