Laboratory medicine has evolved and practiced over the centuries as an integral part of medical and gained momentum parallel to other branches of modern medicine. Laboratory medicine play a decisive role in the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and monitoring of both communicable and non communicable disease.

Therefore reliable and reproducible laboratory services cost effective manner will go a long way in providing quality health services to the nation. Laboratory medicine as a tool for diagnosis been practiced since very long time in different stages and form. The advancement of technology in very long time has brought laboratory medicine a major medical science in modern medicine at 21st century.

This course is based on the requirement of the job of laboratory technician who are appointed in different hospital lab, research institute or in regular job in the field of health science.



  1. Perform routine & special Lab investigation on clinical sample independently
  2. Interpret the result & explain underlying principles in each investigation
  3. Prepare reagents requirement for routine & special investigation
  4. Set up primary health centre & district level medical laboratory clinic
  5. Practice & maintain the quality control laboratory to deliver the quality report
  6. Perform middle level laboratory investigation & supervision of subordinated and preparation of report, accordingly
  7. Assist in various research works


The graduates will be eligible for the position equivalent to Non-gazette 5th level (Technical) as Medical lab Technician or as prescribed by the Public Service Commission. The graduate is eligible for registration with the Nepal Health Professional Council. Student can continue related Bachelor Level of Education with Level.